Applying Policy to a Configuration Profile

How-to apply a Policy to a specific Configuration Profile and apply it to an Endpoint.

    A Configuration Profile greatly simplifies ensuring that the desired protections and settings are as you intended for that specific endpoint or endpoint group.

    1. To apply a policy to an endpoint, the policy must first be applied to a Configuration Profile. Navigate to the System Configuration | Config Profiles page.
      COnfig Profile Main Page 2.0.1 Two

    2. To create a Configuration Profile, click the Add New Profile button at the top of the page.
      Config Profiles Main Page 2.0.1-1

    3. On the New Configuration Profile pop-up menu, you can configure exactly what actions ZeroLock® will take for each protection engine. Here settings can be fine-tuned for Ransomware, Cryptojacking, and Tampering protection, as well as settings for all Hash Rules set to deny based on a SHA-256 hash.
      1. In order to apply the policy that was created, navigate to the Default Control Policy drop-down menu, and select the preferred policy. Only one policy may be applied to a Configuration Profile at a time. Once complete, select the Create button at the bottom of the menu.Config Profile Default Control Policy selected v3.0.2-1

    4.     On successfully creating a new configuration profile you are returned to the Configurations Profiles page.

    Successful New CP 2.0.1