Build Notes: ZeroLock® Management Console 2.0.5

Build notes describe the changes that are included in each build that is created for Vali Cyber’s ZeroLock Management Console.

Before you install one of these builds, familiarize yourself with the new features, resolved issues, and other changes. For more information, see the Vali Cyber Support Page. 

System requirements and installation instructions  

For more information on system requirements and installation instructions, see the following knowledge base articles:  

Build 2.0.5 – November 22, 2023

Server-358    Email Alerts: When set via the Configuration Profile, a user may receive notification emails generated in response to specific alerts.

Server-353    Unsuspending User Account:  Addressed issue where unable to unsuspend user account that was suspended twice. 

Server-352    Agent Slim Mode:  This change introduces a new feature called “Slim Mode” which is enabled on the default Configuration Profile.   

If Slim Mode is enabled, then the agent only monitors SSH processes and their children. If Slim Mode is disabled, the agent begins monitoring all networked processes, systemd, cron, and containerd within 120 seconds (about 2 minutes).   

A settings section for enabling or disabling slim mode has been added to Configuration Profile homepage. 

This new feature is only available for Zerolock Agent 2.1.5 or greater.

Server-351    Enhanced SSO functionality:  Single Sign On (SSO) login functionality has been enhanced.

Server-350    LOCKED Account Status Added:  An account becomes LOCKED if the user provides invalid credentials and fails to successfully log in 5 times in a row.  The account will be unlocked after 5 minutes or if a User with the requisite authority unlocks the account.

Server-332  Email Alert Generation:  Email alerts will only be generated for the currently configured time period to prevent spamming with alerts from periods when email alerts were disabled.