Creating a New Policy

The use of policies simplifies the work of ZeroLock® Management Console (ZMC) administrators as they allow for the grouping of rules instead of applying rules individually to an endpoint.

    The rules that make-up a policy group will determine the actions processes are allowed to take on ZeroLock protected systems.

    1. From the ZeroLock Management Console (ZMC) dashboard menu go to CONTROL POLICIES | POLICIES | ADD NEW POLICY.  
      Add New Policy 2.0.1

    2. On the New Policy screen, enter a name and description for the policy.  Though a policy need not have any rules to be recognized by the ZeroLock® environment, however, for this example, a rule will be added.  To accomplish this, click ADD RULES
      Add Rules 2.0.1

    3. Select a rule from the displayed list then click ADD SELECTED.
      Add Selected 2.0.1

    4. The last step is to select CREATE and the policy is created.
      Create 2.0.1

    You have successfully created a new policy for your ZeroLock environment.