Adding a ZeroLock® User

How-to add new users to the ZeroLock Management Console

    Adding new users is a simple matter with the ZeroLock Management Console (ZMC).  

    1. First, under Manage Users, select Users then click Actions.  On the Actions drop-down list select Add New User
      Add New User 2.0.1
    2. On the screen that appears when selecting Add New User the only field that must be completed is Email however, it is recommended entering a phone number for alert purposes.  
      User Name and email 2.0.1 
    3. Under Role you have superuser or default.   However, for demonstration purposes User Role 1 has been created. 
      User Role 1 2.0.1

    4. Next is the SSO Account field.  Your options for this field are either ‘yes’ you want to allow single sign-on or ‘No’ you don’t. 
      SSO Account Setting 2.0.1

    5. When you have completed your entries click Add User.  A temporary password will appear.  Click on the  icon to copy as it will be required on the new user’s first login.
      New User Password 2.0.1

    Congratulations, you have added a new ZeroLock user!