How to Assign User Roles

How-to grant permissions to users through User Roles.

    Assigning User Roles using the ZeroLock® Management Console (ZMC). The User Role controls user permissions. Only one User Role can be assigned to a user ID. 

    1. In the Users page, select the user that you would like to assign a User Role to by checking the box beside their name. Then click the Actions dropdown menu and select Set Role.
      Set User Role Drop down 2.0.1-1

    2. Using the Set User Role drop down menu select a role. Then click Set Role.

    Set User Role Options 2.0.1
    Set User Role User Role 1 2.0.1

    3.   You can verify the assigned User Role from the Users page.
    User Role 1 Verified 2.0.1

     You have successfully assigned a role to a user.