How to Stop SSH-MFA Alerts Generation

How-to Disable Multifactor Authentication Alerts

    There may be situations where you do not want SSH Multifactor Authentication (MFA) alerts triggered on endpoints.  If you want to turn off SSH-MFA alerts on endpoints, with the ZeroLock® Management Console (ZMC) it’s a simple matter of disabling the SSH-MFA Detection Engine in the assigned configuration profile.

    1. Go to System Configuration | Config Profiles and click on the Endpoints checkbox for the assigned profile.  Select EDIT on the far right.

      Editing Profile 2.0.1 
    2. On selecting edit the full Profile screen appears.  Go down to the SSH Multifactor AUTH box and click the green (enabled) checkbox turning it red (disabled).  
      MFA Green Light 2.0.1
      MFA Red Light 2.0.1 
    3. Then click the UPDATE button at the bottom and you have successfully disabled Multifactor Authentication Alerts.