Minimum System Requirements for the ZeroLock® Environment

Current minimum requirements for ZeroLock® Management Console (ZMC) and ZeroLock® Endpoint Agent

    ZeroLock Endpoint Agent Requirements


    Linux Kernel v3.5 or higher. Distribution agnostic.
    Processor x86-64, ARM-64 (coming soon)
    Memory 50MB
    Disk Space 100MB
    Kernel Mods No kernel modifications or modules required
    VM/Container Support ZeroLock™ runs on bare metal, virtual machines, and containers (including public / private / hybrid cloud instances)
    Installation Methods
    • curl-based command line installer
    • wget-based command line installer
    • tar.gz file-based installer
    • bash scrip self-extracting file-based installer
    • deploy via containers (e.g. Docker)
    • deploy via orchestrated containers (e.g. Kubernetes or OpenShift)
    Pre-Installation Requirements

    RPM-based systems (Fedora and CentOS):

    • Checkpolicy
    • Iproute
    • util-linux
    • policycoreutils or policycoreutils-python. 

    Debian-based systems (Ubuntu):

    • iproute2
    • util-linux 


    ZeroLock Server Requirements


    Disk Space 100GB (dependent on number of endpoints and data retention duration)
    CPU Cores 4 (min) or more (recommended)
    Installation Requirements Latest version of Docker