System Configuration Homepage

Overview of the ZeroLock® Management Console's System Configuration homepage.

    From the dashboard, selecting System Configuration takes you to an access point for three (3) separates homepages:  Endpoint Groups, CONFIG Profiles, and System Settings.

    Provided below is a brief synopsis of each page linked to their homepages. 

    Endpoint Groups

    Endpoint groups allow administrators to manage which users have access to view and modify endpoints and alerts. Using the ZeroLock® Management Console (ZMC), administrators can manage what User Roles are assigned to specific endpoints and are able to granularly assign rights to each feature to each User Role on those endpoints. 

     Endpoint Groups Homepage 2.0.1

    CONFIG Profiles

    Configuration Profiles allow the ZeroLock Management Console (ZMC) administrators to control ZeroLock Agent behavior on protected Endpoints. This includes what protections are enabled/disabled, what policy is applied, creating new profiles, logging and cache options, and secure shell configuration.

    Config Profile Homepage 2.0.1


    System Settings

    This homepage enables configuration of six (6) fundamental system settings of the ZeroLock Management Console system.

    System Settings Homepage 2.0.1-1