Updating a ZeroLock® Environment

How to update a ZeroLock® Management Console (ZMC) and Agent. 

    Update the ZeroLock Management Console

    In this example, the ZMC will be updated from version 2.0.0 to 2.0.1.  Prior to starting, copy the 2.0.1 tar file to the ZMC’s destination system (zerolock-server-<version number>.tgz).  

    1. Log in to the ZMC and verify that the connected Endpoints are active.
    2. On the ZMC, unzip the zerolock-server-<version number>.tgz file.
      tar xzf zerolock-server-2.0.1.tgz
    3. Change to the zerolock-server directory and shutdown the servers.
      cd zerolock-server

      Server shutdown-1

    4. Change to the zerolock-server-2.0.1 directory and run the installation of the new release.
      cd zerolock-server-2.0.1
    5. Run the installation of the new release:
      bash install-zerolock-server.sh
    6. Verify that the installation sees the previous version and is going to back up the database, then press Y.
      Verify Installation-2

    7. Navigate to the zerolock-server directory and start the servers by executing the start command.
      ./start-zerolock-server.sh -d
      Restarting Servers-1

    Verify ZeroLock™ Version

    Once logged into the ZeroLock™ Management Console, you can verify the ZeroLock™ version at the bottom of any of the primary console screens.  

    Version Closeup-2

    You have successfully updated the version of your ZeroLock Management Console!


    Update Agents on Endpoints

    1. Navigate to the Endpoints page on the ZeroLock Management Console.  If an endpoint is connected it means that the Agents are running. Verify the version the Agents are running. 

      In this example, the version is 2.0.7.
      Endpoint with Agent Versions_2.0.7

    2. Select the endpoints where you wish to update the Agent versions.  From the Actions drop-down list, select Update Agent Version.
      Updating Endpoint Version screen with dropdown_cutouts_2.0.7

    3. From the Update Agent Versions window, select 2.0.15 and click Update.
      Update Agent Version popup_2.0.15
    4. The Status light will change to RED as the endpoint is disconnected during the update process.  After a couple of minutes, the connection light should turn GREEN and the VER column should have updated to the new release 2.0.15.
      Updated Agent on Endpoints screen_2.0.15

    For more information, please see the Vali Cyber support page.