Updating the Version of a ZeroLock® Agent

How-to Update Endpoints with a specific ZeroLock Agent Version

    It is simple to update a ZeroLock Agent (ZA) using the ZeroLock Management Console (ZMC). Once the new agent version has been installed on the ZMC, it is available to be used.  

    1. On the Endpoints page, select the endpoint you wish to change the agent version on.  Then click on the Actions dropdown button.
      In the image below, the running agent version is 2.0.15, listed at the end of the selected row.

      Endpoint 2.0.15

    2. On the dropdown menu, select Update Agent Version.
      Update Agent Version popup_2.0.15-1

    3. On the Update Agent Version dropdown, choose the version you want to be install and click Update. In the example, we will change to the 2.1.1 release.
      Update version to 2.1.1 
    4. The status for the endpoint will change to RED, indicating the agent has shut down.  Once the upgrade is completed, the status will be GREEN, and you will see the updated agent version at the end of the row.
      Updated to 2.1.1

    NOTE:  The ZeroLock upgrade process will check to ensure no other upgrades are being performed on the endpoint.  If the ZeroLock upgrade process is unable to get the lock to upgrade, it will leave the current version of the ZeroLock agent installed and will not attempt the upgrade on the endpoint.