User Role Settings Explained

This article will explain the purpose of User Roles and the ZeroLock® Management Console (ZMC) sections that are covered by a User Role.

    The User Role feature provides administrators an efficient method with which to manage users by placing them in groups (roles) as opposed to individually assigning permissions to certain sections of the ZMC environment.

    On the ZMC, select Manage Users followed by User Roles. Select a box next to the role that you want to work with.  The User Role settings screen will appear on the right with the options to Duplicate, Edit, or Delete the role. The check boxes will be greyed out.

    User Role Edit Initial View 2.0.1 

    Selecting Edit opens the Edit User Role screen.  The number following is the endpoint that is being edited.  The screen consists of fields for the User Role name and description followed by four (4) blocks representing areas of the ZMC where you may apply modify/view settings.  Once completed with your edits, select UPDATE to effect the changes.

    Edit User Role Screen 2.0.1

    Selecting Duplicate instead of Edit creates a copy of the current user role with a placeholder name of the current role name with 'copy' appended to it.  For example, a duplicate of 'User Role 1' would be a 'User Role 1 copy'.  If you want to create multiple roles with slightly different permissions without having to manually set the same permissions for each role, using duplicate is a great time saver.  Once the desired changes have been made rename the role then select CREATE.

    Setting User Permissions

    Possible user permissions are Modify and View. 

    1. Modify enables the user to make changes in the assigned section of the ZMC and view the changes.
    2. View by itself, only permits the user to view the settings for a ZMC section. The options for Duplicating, Editing, and Deleting are not present.
    Below, by selecting the corresponding checkbox, the administrator has given the ‘temporary’ role permission to modify Control Policies.  Notice that when modify is selected view is automatically selected as well.
    Control Policies View Modify 2.0.1
      1. For a user with modify permission for Control Policies, the image below is what they will see when viewing Control Policies.  As this is the Default policy, only Duplicate and Edit are available.
        Default Policy 2.0.1
      2. For all other policies the options will include Delete as shown below.
        3 Policy Options 2.0.1
      3. The image below shows what a user with only View permission for Control Policies sees.  Notice that the ability to Duplicate, Edit, and Delete is absent. Additionally, the user will be unable to make changes to any greyed out item.
        User Role View Only 2.0.1
    Neither - A User with neither modify nor view permissions will see most item greyed out.
      1. Neither Permission 2.0.1


    ZeroLock Management Console Sections

    The following are the sections of the ZMC that User Roles may configure permissions for.

    1. Manage Users - Provides access to the User accounts and role setting page.
      ZMC Manage Users 2.0.1
    2. System Configuration - Provides access to the System Configuration setting page.
      ZMC SysConfig Section 2.0.1-1
    3. Reports - Provides access to the Reports setting page.
      ZMC_Reports 2.0.1
    4. Activities - Provides access to the Activity Logs section on the Dashboard.ZMC_Activities 2.0.1