ZeroLock® Management Console and Agent QuickStart Guide

A Guide for New ZeroLock Installations


    Prerequisites for the ZeroLock® Management Console

    ZeroLock® Management Console Download Request

    ZeroLock® Management Console Installation Guide

    ZeroLock® Management Console Startup

    Users and User Roles

    Adding a ZeroLock® User

    User Role Settings Explained

    How to Create a User Role 

    How to Assign User Roles

    Agent Installation

    ZeroLock® Agent Installation: Curl/Wget Installer

    ZeroLock® Agent Installation: Download Installer

    ZeroLock® Agent Installation: Signed Component Installer on ESXi

    ZeroLock® Agent Installation: Air Gapped Environment

    ZeroLock Agent Installation: Optional Switches

    Validating Agent Installation

    Configuring Your Environment

    Endpoint Configuration

    Updating the Default Lockdown Ruleset  

    Applying the Recommended Ruleset via Policy

    Configuration Profiles

    Creating a Configuration Profile

    Applying Policy to Configuration Profile

    Applying Configuration Profile to an Endpoint

    Control Policy and Lockdown Rule Types

    Creating and Assigning Endpoint Groups



    Handling Threats Using the ZeroLock® Management Console


    Updating a ZeroLock® Environment

    Updating the ZeroLock® Management Console

    Updating the ZeroLock® Agent Version on Endpoints

    Network Connectivity

    Iptable Values