Management Console - Banner

Overview of the ZeroLock® Management Console Banner.

    Banner Edited 2.0.1The ZeroLock banner is the starting point for managing the ZeroLock Management Console (ZMC) itself. From this point the logged in user may:

    • access the current alerts status,
    • edit their contact information,
    • change their password, and
    • setup Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for themselves.

    Navigation Menu

    1) Open Alerts

    Selecting OPEN ALERTS takes you to the ALERTS section.  The three (3) tabs to the right represent the counters for the severity types of alerts – High, Medium, and Low. Selecting any of these will also take you to the main ALERTS page where you may perform any necessary action related to the alert.

    2) User Profile

    To the right of the Open Alerts counters is the Profile button. The initial on the button represents the logged in user who, in this case, is the Default Tenant ‘superuser’. On selecting the button, a drop-down screen appears with the User name and Manage Account.  The user name is static, but Manage Account is interactive.

    Manage Account

    Under this section the logged in user has the ability to edit their account’s contact information, change their password and set up Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA for this profile.

    Selecting EDIT or the pencil symbol in the upper right corner opens an identical pop-up screen that allows editing of the logged in User's contact information.  This screen also has the blue boxes enabling password change or setup of MFA.

    Manage Account Screen v2.0.4


    Change Password

    Selecting Change Password brings up the screen below.  Once you create the new password, click Change Password at the bottom of the drop-down.  You will be returned to the Manage Account edit screen.


    To exit out of the Manage Account screen, click on any item from the Homepage list visible to the left of the Manage Account screen or on the Open Alerts at the top right of the banner.


    Multifactor Authentication

    If you want to set up Multifactor Authentication (MFA), the first screen you will see is the Set Up MFA token screen which provides two (2) options for receiving a test token – scanning the QR code or selecting Test Token which sends the code to the authenticator app on your phone.  Both require successfully using the test code provided by your authenticator app.


    On Selecting of the Test Token tab, you will see a pop-up screen saying the MFA token should be six digits.  Your acknowledgement of receipt of a six digit code to your authenticator app will signal MFA set-up is complete.


    3) Logout

    Selecting Logout on the banner at the top of the page will log the user out of the ZMC entirely, requiring you to log in again.


    Exiting without Saving

    Just click on any item from the Homepage list visible to the left of the Manage Account screen or on the Open Alerts at the top right of the banner.

    Manage Acct and Section List v2.0


    For more information, please see the Vali Cyber support page.