ZeroLock® Management Console Set-Up

Steps required to download and install the ZeroLock Management Console (ZMC)

Prior to installation, it is important that you review the Prerequisites for the ZeroLock Management Console.

Note: Ensure the User that will be launching the ZMC containers is not root but is part of the docker group, allowing the User to launch without sudo access.


The ZeroLock Management Console (ZMC) ships as a tgz (compressed tar) file, named zerolock-server-<version number>.tgz.  Where the <version number> is the server version number.

  1. Determine where the ZMC files will be installed. The ZMC should run as a regular (non-root) user. We recommend installing the ZMC in the distribution’s default user home directory (e.g., /home/ubuntu, /home/ec2-user, etc.), or else in the home directory of a user created specifically to run ZMC (e.g., /home/zerolock).
  2. Move the ZMC tgz file to the home directory.

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3.  Extract the file: tar xzf zerolock-server-<version number>.tgz, to create a subdirectory zerolock-server-<version number>.


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4.  Change to the new directory: cd zerolock-server-<version number>.

5.    Run the installer: bash  Command line options are outlined below.

6.    Enter y to the confirm continue with installation prompt.


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7.    The newly installed ZMC is symlinked: zerolock-server -> zerolock-server-<version number> to identify the latest installation’s subdirectory.

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Command Line Options

ZeroLock Management Console Installer has several command line options, which are listed with the -h option:    bash -h

Usage: [...]



Displays help options.



Produces more verbose output. It may be used multiple times -v -v -v or -vvv to increase the level.



Answer “no” to all installation questions and will produce a dry run.



Answers “yes” to all questions and is useful for automation of the installation.



Explicitly specifies the previous installation of ZeroLock Management Console. By default, if not specified, the previous installation will be determined automatically.




For more information, please see the Vali Cyber Support page.