ZeroLock® Management Console Startup

How-to Start the ZeroLock Management Console

Upon successful completion of the ZeroLock® Management Console (ZMC) installation, the next step is the ZMC startup.  The following will take you through that process.

Starting Service Container

To start the service containers, enter the following command: 

Change to the installation folder:  ~/zerolock-server

./ -d

(-d has the services run as a daemon.)


Container Status Check

To check the status of the containers: docker ps. 

Type exit to end the terminal session.

Note: Five containers should be running (collector, uxserver, binwatch, mariadb and registry)


Stopping Containers

Change to the installation folder:  ~/zerolock-server


Server Logs

Server logs are located:  ~/zerolock-server/logs

  • collector.txt = endpoint connection and threat information
  • uxserver.txt = ZeroLock™ Management Console connection and information


Test ZeroLock Management Console Connectivity

Navigate to the following URL

https://{ServerIP Address}:7443

Enter the  default credentials

  • User:  superuser
  • Password:  S3cureLinux! (You will be forced to change on initial login)


NOTE: We are currently using a self-signed Certificate.  You will have to click Advanced and then Accept the Risk and Continue to use the ZeroLock Management Console.


Verify ZeroLock Version

Once logged into the ZeroLock Management Console, you can verify the ZeroLock version at the bottom of any of the primary console screens.  

Close-up of Version Number_1 


For more information, please see the Vali Cyber Support page.